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THE LAST BIG JOLLY ~ The Prologue Of Our Latest Epically Epic Adventure!

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In our latest mind-blowing, fur-raising, most epically epic adventure to date when we attempt to travel around the wurld in 42 and a bit days!


The Bucket List

**And Action!**

It was a rather quiet day, all things considered in Sleepy Hollow and I was feeling rather bored as I ambled down to the Control Room in the secret bunker.

I'd just activated all the systems when the rest of The 'B' Team suddenly appeared and took their seats.

"Basil," Humphrey said rather seriously. "Do mew have a minute, we need to talk."

I looked at him and my heart sank, his tone was off, something was furry wrong.

"Yes Humphrey," I replied as I looked at him intently and suddenly noticed the grey whiskers springing out through his black fur.  It was in that moment I finally recognized how old he'd become. My heart squeezed and I gulped trying to swallow the hard lump that had just constricted my throat. "What's on your mind dude?"

"Well," Humphrey began. "As mew know Snowie and I aren't getting any younger and time is ticking."

I tried to hold back the tears that were stabbing relentlessly at the back of my eyeballs like a thousand spears.

"I thought it would be rather nice if we had a furrmily vacation before..." his voice cracked and he wiped his eyes. "Before we depart..."

"OH..." was all I could manage to choke out.

Snowie seeing that a blubberfest was about to burst out all offur the Control Room said quickly. "Basil, Humphrey and I have a bucket list."

"A what?" I asked wiping a tear off my nose.

"We have a bucket list," she repeated. "Mew know, a list of things to do before mew depart this wurld."

"OH..." I choked out again, trying my damnedest not to cry.

"Yes," she continued. "We have a list of places that we'd both like to visit and wanted to turn it into a furrmily vacation so we can have one last adventure together."

I bit my bottom lip, wurds just wouldn't come forth as I realized that my two older fursibs had furry limited time left.  I took a deep breath and tried to collect myself as best I could before I said.  "Mew can have anything mew want, anything at all!" And then I noticed that Parsley was absent. "Where's Parsley?" I asked suspiciously.

Smooch sniffled and blew his nose. "He's on the phone to his broker and is just cashing in a couple of his ISA's and savings accounts so we can get some foreign currency."

I nodded and then asked. "So this bucket list thingy, where are we going?"

"EVERYWHERE!" Snowie and Humphrey replied and grinned at me like maniacs.

Snowie picked up her iPad and tapped it a few times and the wurld popped up on the monitors screens.

"I've just hijacked one of the *C.I.A.'s satellites!" she laughed. [*Cats Intelligence Agency].

She tapped a few more buttons and a list of destinations began to scroll up the screen:-

Walvis Bay
Cape Town
Abu Dhabi
Angor Wat 
Kuala Lumpur
Easter Island
Cape Horn
Porto Alegre
Punto Arenas
Buenos Aires
Mexico City
Lost Angeles
San Francisco
New York



I read each one and then took a huge breath as the logistical nightmare of such an epic trip engulfed me like a surprise tsunami. "WOW, mew guys have been busy!"

"Don't panic," Humphrey said as he saw my wurried expression. "We've purretty much gone it down paw and sorted, as Snowie and I have been wurking on this since Catmass, all we need to decide is when we're leaving."

"What?" I asked.

"Yep it's all been taken care of, we've got it all planned out as most places are just to stop, take a picture or two and be on our way," Humphrey said with a smirk. "And we think we can do it in 42 and a bit days."

"What?" I said again. "Are mew guys fur real?"

They nodded at me.

"But there's 48 destinations on your list and mew think it can be done in 42 and bit days, mew guys are insane!" I said doing a bit mental arithmetic. "That's 1.1429 destinations a day!"

"No we're not insane, we're The 'B' Team and anything is possible!" Humphrey replied. 

Pandora suddenly spoke in her funny little foreign accent.  "Basil I 'av vurked out the statistics and it is purrfectly possible and I 'av already calculated the fastest route fur us to take."

"Hmmm... that's good to know Pandora!" I answered as my mind went on a rampage of utter unadulterated bewilderment. 

"And..." she continued. "Ve're starting our little journey in Paris, my 'ome city, c'est magnifique mon amis, OOH LA LA!"

I just nodded like one of those silly toy dogs peeps have in the back windows of their cars... 


... as at this point I was rendered totally speechless.  I mean seriously, what could I say?!

Join us fur Part One of our Summer Blockbuster next Tuesday, when we embark on our epically epic adventure.... who knows what will happen.... because to be honest at this point I have no clue at all! 

Until then

Bestest purrs

Basil & The 'B' Team

[Bunker Background Images used under license from Shutterstock.com]


  1. Basil, oh how exciting! I can't wait to hear about your adventures! What a great thing you are all doing! Safe travels! Mew Mew!

    1. Valentine, mew should check out some of our previous adventures, they'll make your fur curl!!! MOL XOX

  2. That is going to be epic. You might need Dr. Who's TARDIS to pull this off.

    1. Hey guys, mew read our minds and in next weeks episode we'll reveal our main mode of transportation!!!! MOL MOL XOX

  3. I know my peeps have been at some of those pawlaces...and that little biplane looks like one at our airshow going on right this day...as we catabrate Independence Day.

    We await with bated breath for the next visit here as we visit with you.
    Pipo & Dog-guy

    1. Hi Pipo & Mr Jack, oh wow your peeps have traveled a lot, that's so meowvellous!! Hold on to your hats fur next weeks episode!! XOX

  4. How exciting! I love your adventures, and I am sure something unexpected will happen along the way.

    1. Hi Angels Flynn & Eric, oh mew know there's going to be sooooooo much unexpected stuff happening!!! MOL MOL XOX

  5. You guys have the best adventures. We can't wait to see what's gonna happen next!

    1. Thanks Island Cats, mew know we think that this expedition is going to be our finest yet! MOLO MOL XOX

  6. Oh boy this is gonna be a trip of a lifetime! I can't WAIT to see all the photos from your epically epic trip!

    Hugs, Teddy

    1. Hey Teddy & Angel Sammy, the photo's are going to be tres magnifique fur sure!!! MOL MOL XOX

  7. YAY Summers here and the most Epically Epic Adventure is under way! Basil, dude, just think of all the Duty Free nip you can bring home on this trip, assuming you not scoffed it all. MOL
    Purrs, Erin

    1. Hiya Erin, OH MY COD I neffur thought of all that duty free nip, thanks so much fur reminding me!!! MOL MOL XOX

  8. What NEXT? I beg you guys want to climb the Eiffel tower, I can just see the headline: CATS now control Eiffel Tower in Paris...MOL. Have fun and remember, the MEOW is an international language!
    PS: We love the idea of you cats at the control center.

    1. Hi Peaches and Paprika, mew guys are in fur such a treat next week and we luffs that mew luffs our control centre! XOX

  9. guyz.....we had ta step a way fora minit N shed teerz two; but we iz bak but still sniffin N reddy ta reed thiz total lee epic journee ewe iz bout ta take...make sure ya haz pass a portz; extree undeez N one oh thoz money change thingz...ewe noe; like frum dollarz ta poundz....one oh thoz !!!! YAY thiz iz gonna be way kewl !!!!!!!!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

    1. Tabbies, dudes & Miss Dai$y, yep we were balling too, it's a tough story to write but we needed to share it with our besties around the wurld. We've got our travel papers, currency thanks to Parsley and a change of underwear plus our usual arsenal of weapons! MOL MOL XOX

  10. Have a wonderful time and take over the world. Cats Rule!
    Raja and Zoe from PlayingInCatnip.com

    1. Hey Raja & Zoe, oh mew guys know that cats rule wurld!!! MOL MOL XOX

  11. Oh guys...I know you are going to have a wonderpurr adventure, but I'm already weepy over Snowie and Humphrey's final departure. *swipes tears* Bon Voyage!

    1. Herms dude, yep we are also rather poignant offur this whole adventure, but it'll be such an epic departure fur our Rainbow FurSubs.... and now they're like Angel Posie, Cloud Oppuratives so will pop in from time to time to keep us in check! MOL XOX

  12. Try our cute, refillable dispensers that attach securely to any leash and fit the leak proof bags specifically designed to safely dispose of your adorable pet's not so adorable

    1. Thanks fur sharing Poop Bags, but us cats don't need those we have trays! MOL MOL MOL XOX

  13. Wow, we can hardly wait to read about these epic adventures! We're a little sad because we know this is the story of Snowie and Humphrey's final trip, but we know it will be wonderful. Yes, we know it will!

    Hugs and love, pals.

    1. Hi Zoe & Gracie, yes its sad but in the same token Snowie & Humphrey get to have the best adventure in the known cosmos! XOX

  14. Wow, a real adventure with the whole dang furmily. I love adventures and will bring Kali next time to read all about it.

    Loves ya.


  15. Hoo Cat we made the beginning of an adventure and will be keeping tabs on things as they unfold! Too Cool
    Timmy and family


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